What Attracts Wasps in Texas?

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What Attracts Wasps in Texas?

There are few places in America more beautiful or fun than Texas. Living in the Lone Star State is something truly special, full of gorgeous views, wonderful locations, stunning weather, and incredible wildlife.

Unfortunately, the truth is that living in Texas means sharing your space with some pesky pests that can make your life uncomfortable and hard. This includes wasps, which make these presentations in the state known especially during the warm, relaxing summer months when you want to be outside lounging and enjoying yourself in the sun.

There are actually multiple types of wasps that live in Texas. The most well-known is the Yellowjacket, which builds long underground nests that they will defend with their lives. They are built with black and yellow striped patterns and are typically about just half an inch in length.

There are also paper wasps, which create paper-like nests and are only ⅝ to ¾ of an inch in size. Mud daubers are wasps that typically live on their own and are a bit larger, even two inches in length.

As you can see, there are many wasps that can fly and buzz and sting and cause all sorts of havoc in your yard. But what is it that calls them to your home? Why do they want to make a nest in your backyard?

What Attracts Wasps?

Wasps are predators and they are usually looking to prey on insects that are smaller and weaker than them. That means that any yard is a yard that wasps may love because bugs exist in nearly every back or front yard in Texas. In other words, no home is completely safe from wasps.

However, wasps aren’t just hungry for prey – they are hungry for food, just like you. This means that a summertime backyard barbecue could attract these nasty bugs. Leftover drinks, hamburgers, chips, and salsa will look so appetizing to wasps and will have them flying over in droves.

You should always clean up after yourself and your guests if you hope to keep wasps away from your yard. Throwing away any old drinks or food and making sure your garbage can is securely covered is a great way to stop wasps before they become a problem.

Wasps will also be attracted to cracks in your home and warm, wet locations that they can call home. Therefore, you should make sure that your home doesn’t have any inviting holes or spots that will be comfortable for these bugs. 

Address any major moisture issues in your yard when summer starts. Do you have a lot of standing water around your home? Clogged gutters that are creating pools of water? If so, you should do whatever is needed to eliminate these issues. Remember that the longer the water is left sitting around, the more chances of wasps coming to call your home their own.

Getting rid of wasps isn’t that hard if you keep certain things in mind. This will guarantee many warm and relaxing days with friends and family without the pain and discomfort of a wasp sting!