Types of Bugs that Might Be in Your Gutters

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Types of Bugs that Might Be in Your Gutters

When it rains, water flows through the gutters. Plants can grow there, and other clogs can fill up the system. Most people expect these. However, there are some creatures many homeowners don’t give a second thought to – bugs. What types of bugs can live in your gutters?

If you’re interested in learning more about the critters that could inhabit your gutters, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the most common pests that can live in your drainage system.


Hornets and wasps are terrifying to see flying through the air, and many are unaware that they like to inhabit gutters. These stinging creatures can pose a serious health threat if left alone for too long. Those allergic to stings should be especially cautious.

Many hornets and wasp species build their nests underneath the gutter rather than inside. They’re more dangerous to deal with but much easier to spot.


Termites need liquid to survive. Gutters have plenty of water for them to thrive off of, so you might find that these bugs have made their homes in this area. They love places that have moisture and plenty of shade to rest inside.

Having termites in your gutter is precarious. If they are attracted to wood rot in the walls of your home, they might make their way into the house and damage the structure of your place. It’s best to get any blockages taken care of right away to keep them away from your drainage system.


Cockroaches are the grossest option on this list. They love environments that are moist and full of items they can feed on and thrive. There’s shelter and decay inside gutters – the ideal growing place for a cockroach to thrive.

If left unchecked, cockroach numbers can grow and shift to invading the inside of your home. Usually, they find themselves in gutters after there’s been a blockage. Keep your drainage clean to keep these pests out.


One of the most irritating critters is the mosquito. Like the creatures we talked about above, Mosquitoes love dark, moist areas. A gutter gives them a place to reproduce in safety. They’ll lay eggs and quickly increase in number before you can blink.

The best way to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs is to keep it clear of any obstructions. If water flows, there is no way the mosquito will have a chance to settle and reproduce. You can flood water through the area to wash away any critters that may have settled.

How Can You Get Rid of Bugs in Your Gutters?

A professional can look at your gutter and identify any bugs that might have settled there. They can note nests, swarms, and groups that might become a bigger problem later on in life.

Bugs can be a pain to handle, especially in hard-to-reach places like your gutter. We can help you out. Proctor Pest Control offers free estimates for all of your needs.