Why Do I Have Roaches if My House is Clean?

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Why Do I Have Roaches if My House is Clean?

Having roaches is incredibly challenging and frustrating all on its own. Dealing with roaches when you thought you never would have to is even more frustrating. People have experienced that not only can you have a roach problem if you don’t keep your house clean, but that roaches can still cause problems in clean houses.

We know roaches as being attracted to dirty places, why can you have roaches if your house is clean?

What Can Attract Roaches?

Let’s take a look at what attracts roaches to see if your clean house falls into any of these problem areas:

  • Dark and damp spaces
  • Food
  • Grime
  • Clutter

Other than grime, the above list doesn’t specifically indicate that a house is dirty and neglected. Any home, clean or not, can have some of the above roach attractors and can suffer from a roach problem. Crumbs fall, clutter builds up, and you might need a repair that you didn’t even know about. All of this can contribute to a roach problem in your clean home.

How Can a Clean House Have a Roach Problem?

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes can lead to several pest problems in your home. Your house can be spotless at all times, but broken pipes lead to an increase in moisture in a dark spot of your home. That leads to the growth of bacteria and mold while attracting pests that enjoy damp spaces.

With broken pipes, the underpart of your sink or the area around your pipes will become the perfect breeding spot for roaches. Routinely check your pipes to catch if there is ever a pipe break that can cause an infestation.

Leftover Crumbs

Crumbs fall, that’s just a part of having food in the house. However, it is always important to vacuum or sweep up the crumbs to prevent insect infestations. Crumbs from your meals can fall and get trapped under chairs, the fridge, the oven, or any other spot that a crumb can roll under.

Many people neglect to clean under their appliances so crumbs and grime can build up and attract bugs. This is a common spot where roaches or other insects will start to infest.

Too Many Boxes

Clutter that creates small and dark spaces can lead to a bug infestation, especially if this area doesn’t get cleaned frequently. If you keep a pile of boxes anywhere like if you had recently moved, this creates the perfect dark area for roaches to breed in. If just 2 roaches discover that safe area you have created, they will have a ton of roach babies and quickly infest your home.

Make sure to remove the clutter in your house often and to keep even your storage clean.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, just cleaning your house isn’t enough. Dirt and food can get trapped in hard-to-reach areas and that can be enough to attract roaches. A broken pipe that you aren’t aware of can create the perfect breeding spot for roaches. Having roaches doesn’t mean that you are a dirty person, it just means that something in your house attracted them.