What I Should Do When Carpenter Ants Get in My Home?

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What I Should Do When Carpenter Ants Get in My Home?

Few things are worse than a carpenter ant infestation making its way into your home or onto your property. Carpenter ants are a fast way to ruin the value of your home and cause stress and damage to you and the ones you love.

What are the functions of carpenter ants? Is it true that carpenter ants are harmful to your home? Carpenter ants happen to be some of the most troublesome types of ants. They have the potential to inflict extensive damage to homes and other structures. Carpenter ants acquire their name from the fact that they dig wood to construct their nests. Inside the wood, their excavation creates smooth tubes. This excavation, like other wood-destroying bugs, can weaken the structural integrity of the wood over time.

Worse yet, many insurance companies that won’t cover the damage done by carpenter ants. That means you’ll be on the hook for any money you spend to recover from them.

This means that you really need to be aware of what must be done when carpenter ants head your way. You don’t want these pests to make your home their own.

What To Do When Carpenter Ants Arrive

Carpenter ants may be devastating, and repairing the damage they create can be costly. The easiest method to deal with this insect is to prevent it from entering your house in the first place. This is how you deal with carpenter ants.

You may not have guessed it but carpenter ants require a steady source of water to exist, so removing dampness or standing water from your property might assist to prevent them. Crawl spaces, garages, and attics full of humidity may benefit from the use of a dehumidifier.

And don’t forget about the inviting nature of greenery or grass in your front yard. Homeowners should also cut tree branches and bushes away from their houses, as they serve as highways for bugs and pests inside. Fill all cracks of the exterior of the house with silicone caulk as well, preventing any hiding spots for carpenter ants. Firewood and other wood-based wood products should always be kept at least 20 feet away from your house as well as at least five inches off the ground.

It is also vital that you keep an eye out for indicators of carpenter ants on your property. Look for tiny holes or sawdust in the wood on your property. If you believe you have a carpenter ant problem, call a skilled pest control technician straight once. The earlier carpenter ants are dealt with, the less severe the damage will be.


Carpenter ants are no joke and the sooner you get rid of them, the better. If you don’t do your part to get rid of the nesting grounds for carpenter ants, they will dig into your property and soon be nearly impossible to get rid of. If that happens, your headaches will only get worse.

Do what you must to prevent carpenter ants from coming your way and getting comfortable. You’ll thank yourself later.