What Does a Tick Look Like?

What Does a Tick Look Like?

Have you been hearing that ticks are really bad this year? Or, have you been told to look out for ticks as they are becoming more of a problem? To prevent yourself from having a tick bite, it is important to know what these pests look like. That way, if you see one, you will be able to easily identify it and make the proper precautions.

What Is the Common Tick Look?

Sadly, there are different types of ticks where looks vary slightly. We will talk about the specifics more shortly, but all ticks have a common body type that helps with identification.

Ticks have bodies that are the biggest part of them and super round. With their large, round body, they also have a smaller head on top. These creatures range in color from a very deep brown to a reddish color.

While ticks are considered an insect, they have 8 legs like a spider. Sometimes they resemble a spider, but they have larger bodies than most commonly found spiders.

Deer Ticks

Deer ticks are also called black-legged ticks. As the name implies, they have black legs while the rest of their bodies are an orange-brown color. Close up, their bodies look red.

These ticks get their name from being a common parasite to deer. They also are a large carrier of Lyme disease, so be extra careful when coming across this kind of tick.

American Dog Tick

These ticks have more color variations on their body than any other kind of tick. They are brown with white markings, giving them an interesting look. These ticks have a similar body shape to the deer ticks and they can get up to 15 mm in size.

While these ticks may not carry Lyme disease, they can carrier Rocky Mountain spotted fever which can be just as troublesome.

Brown Dog Tick

The brown dog tick is probably the grossest looking of the tick variety. Up close, they can look like shiny brown raisins because of their extremely deep coloring. However, these ticks have lighter colors legs that range from a lighter brown to orange. They can grow up to be a similar size to the previous ticks.

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

These ticks also are super dark in their coloring, but they sometimes have whitish markings near the top of their bodies. Their legs range from a light brown to red. They are a similar size to the other ticks with also the same body shape.

Lone Star Tick

Finally, the lone star tick is a reddish-brown color with a light brown or orange spot in the center of their bodies. They are one of the easier kinds of ticks to identify. Their legs are also orangish-red.

Knowing Identification Will Keep You Safe

You never want to find a tick on your body, but if you do it’s important to know which kind it is. Each tick carries a disease, and you should be prepared to treat any of them.