What Attracts Mice To Your Home When It’s Cold

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What Attracts Mice To Your Home When It’s Cold

Once it starts to get cold outside, you might expect fewer bugs inside your home, but this isn’t true in all cases. As a result of the cold though, there won’t be as much food outside and the mice and rodents might start coming inside looking for shelter and food. This means if you have certain foods inside the house, such as fruits, grains, and seeds, you might be more likely to see mice in your house.

Mice will find and eat anything they can find when the weather gets cold. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that mice stay outside of your house, and you don’t have to deal with them during any season.


Of course, your home will have water inside and mice might come looking for it. If you have a dog who stays outside and they have a bowl of water, you might find that you get mice near your house that drink their water. This will attract more mice to your home because they are thirsty and looking for a way to survive.


Just like any mammal, mice can only withstand the winter for a certain amount of time. When they are cold enough, they will start looking for ways to get inside and get warm. Your home can provide this warmth, so you might find that mice will start to invade the home.

Mice especially like the attic during the wintertime. Adding cellulose attic insulation can help keep the mice out because they won’t find as much warmth in the attic. If you don’t add the insulation before the cold months come, you will find that you might already have a mice infestation when the cold months come around.


Mice love cardboard boxes, and they use them for nesting during the cold winter months. If you keep clutter or boxes inside the house, you might find that mice nest during winter, and then you have a litter of mice a few months after.

Before winter comes, clear out any boxes and make sure there is no warm place for the mice to stay and nest or you will have a problem.


If you have many bushes and shrubs around your house, the mice could be seeking shelter from the cold by staying under them or near them. They can also use them for cover as they slide through holes in and out of your home. This is not ideal because you might not see them until it’s too late and you have an infestation.

Shine a flashlight behind all your bushes and shrubs to make sure there are no mice.

In Summary

There are many things that attract mice to a home with the main ones being warmth and food. Trying to make your home inhospitable to mice is important so you don’t get a serious infestation problem later down the road. You can always call a pest control company if you are concerned.

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