Types of Ants

types of ants: acrobat ants, carpenter ants, crazy ants, crazy ants, European ants

Types of Ants

It’s a commonly known fact that ants outnumber people. Of course, that makes them one of the most worried about pests when it comes to your home! There are thousands of different species of ants in the world, but only a handful are any risk to your property. Check out 4 different types of ants that you should be worried about and learn a little bit about them.

Acrobat Ants

Size: 2.5mm to 3mm

Color: Yellow, brown, red, dark red, black

If your home is surrounded by moist wood, or you have damaged wood structures, you may need to worry about acrobat ants. They like to nest in moist, dying wood, but can also find their way to foam panel insulation. They get their name from the way they hold their bodies when threatened, resembling an acrobat. If their pose isn’t taken seriously, they are known to sting any threats.

Carpenter Ants

Size: 6mm to 13mm

Color: Dark red, brown, black

Carpenter ants are some of the largest, most well-known pests throughout the country. They get their name from their nesting habits. Carpenter ants will excavate wood in trees, lumber, and deadfall. If they find their way inside your home, you’ll likely find them near any moist areas in the house. If carpenter ants infest your home, they can cause significant structural damage if they aren’t caught early enough.

Crazy Ants

Size: 2.2mm to 3mm

Color: Dark brown, black

Crazy ants are some of the most common home invaders when it comes to ants. Several different species fall under the crazy ants’ category, but all are known for being major pests. These ants don’t have stingers, but tend to swarm when disturbed, hence the name. They’ll nest just about anywhere, making them very hard to get rid of. Indoors they’ll nest in carpets and houseplants, and outside they’ll nest in plants, soil, and mulch. If given the opportunity, they’ll nest heavily in the garbage, as well.

European Fire Ants

Size: 4mm to 5mm

Color: Light brown, red

Fire ants are some of the most dreaded ants. They produce a very painful sting and are very aggressive when disturbed. Many of these ants are found in the northern parts of the county. As such, they nest outside in gardens and lawns during warmer months. As the months begin to cool down, however, they’ll make their way inside in some cases. They seek warmer areas in the home, like under bathtubs or near water heaters.

These aren’t all the ants that are considered pests, but they are some of the most frequent ants that you’ll encounter. Some are nuisances, while others can damage structures. Regardless of how damaging they are, most people can agree that they don’t want them in their homes. If you’re looking for any assistance regarding ants (or any other pests), be sure to contact us at Proctor Pest Control. We’re here to answer any of your questions and help you with your pest control needs!