Tips to Keep Bees Away from Your Home

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Tips to Keep Bees Away from Your Home

Bees, we need them for our flowers and to keep the food chain going. However, bees don’t do any good if they get stuck in your house and bees are terrifying if you are allergic. If you need to keep bees away from your home, follow these tips.

Use Plants that Bees Don’t Like

There are certain plants that bees don’t enjoy being around because of the strong smells. Peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, and Marigolds are all plants that bees don’t enjoy.

With that, don’t have plants that bees are attracted to. Bright colored flowers such as roses, and lilacs both look good and smell good, bringing bees closer to pollinating. Sweeter herbs like lavender also attract bees. A good rule is if it smells good, don’t keep it around.

Don’t Bring Food Outside

Bees love sweet foods such as fruit, syrup, and of course, honey. Don’t bring these foods outside and for sure don’t leave them outside if you don’t want to attract bees to your home. This also goes for sweet drinks of any kind, including soda and some alcohol.

If you still insist on eating outside or having an outdoor party, make sure that all of the food is properly cleaned up afterward.

Put Cinnamon or Garlic Around Your House

Cinnamon and garlic are both super strong-smelling spices that bees don’t enjoy being near. Sprinkling ground cinnamon and garlic around your house will make sure that no bees get nearby. However, the strong garlic smell can attract other bugs like flies.

Oil Up the Deck

Again, bees don’t like strong and harsh smells. Many oils, such as cedarwood oil or even baby oil are super unappealing to bees. Besides, oils are heavy and would weigh down a bee that landed in them. Since bees don’t want to get stuck anywhere, they will avoid areas that they know are oily. It may be a bit gross, but it will work.

Use a Bee Repellent

Some bug sprays may work against bees and some won’t. You can purchase insect repellants that are specific to bees or include bees in the list of bugs that it repels. Spray outside your house with this bee spray to prevent bees from getting too close. You will have to regularly reapply this spray, but it will work until it gets worn away.

Make Sure There is No Nest

If you have a big bee problem, you might have a bee’s nest nearby. Search trees, sheds, or under awnings for nests. If you find one, contact a professional to remove the nest from your house.

Be Bee Free

With these tips, you are sure to find a way to keep those bees away from your house. While bees are essential pollinators, not everyone can handle being near too many bees. These tips can both be used for keeping bees away from your body and your house. Bees like things bright and sweet, so whatever you do, don’t smell too good.