Reasons Why Ants Invade Your Home

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Reasons Why Ants Invade Your Home

One ant in your home can easily turn into a thousand. Having an ant infestation is a horrible experience to go through, especially if you are someone who hates bugs. Knowing why ants would want to invade your home is the best way to prevent them.

Open Food

The thing that ants are the most attracted to is food. If you have open food sitting out on the counter or dirty dishes that have been left overnight, you are leaving an inviting smell to the ants outside. Make sure that you don’t leave food out on the counter or table for too long and to wash dishes every day so that you don’t give ants a reason to come in.

Also, make sure that you don’t leave crumbs lying about. That’s just as bad as leaving an open bowl of fruit. Keep your house clean to prevent ants from wanting in.

An Improperly Sealed House

Whether it’s a crack in a door or a broken window seal, any opening in your house is an invitation to not only ants but any other bug that can fit through those cracks. If you have constant ant infestations or if they happen in a pattern, see if your house has any gaps in it.

You’ve Left Dead Ants Around

Dead ants produce a certain pheromone that attracts other ants to their corpse. This is because ants will bury their dead (if they aren’t starving to the point of eating them) and will want to find all their dead friends.

Whenever you kill an ant, make sure it is properly discarded. Covering it in ant killer can mask off the scent it gives off or rinsing it down a drain makes sure that the other ants won’t be able to find the body.

Bad Weather

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, your ants might be rained out of their home and come to your home for a new shelter. This is a common occurrence for other tiny creatures such as spiders. Even when the weather clears up, you might still find a few ants trying to stick around. That’s when you will have to pull out the ant killer.

Hopped a Ride on Your Animals

If you have a dog that spends a lot of time rolling around outside, it might have some ants hanging onto its coat. Then, when your dog comes in, those ants are brought inside and get stuck in your house.

If your dog loves to roll around in the dirt, do a pest check before letting it back into the house.

Prevent Those Ants

Knowing why ants are coming into your house is the best way to prevent an infestation. When the weather gets home, make sure that your house is properly sealed, you don’t leave any food out for them to get, and that your animals are pest-free before coming inside. If all else fails, break out the ant killer.