Pests to Watch Out For in the Fall

Pests to watch out for in the fall

Pests to Watch Out For in the Fall

When the summer season starts to come to an end, many homeowners think they will be saying “goodbye” to pests while they say “goodbye” to the summer season. However, when the cooler fall season blows in, it also brings in a whole new number of pests in as well.

In the fall, there is a whole new set of critters that may start moving into your home in the cooler months. Even though common pests such as flies and mosquitos may be dying off in the cooler weather, there are other pests that homeowners will need to worry about. Here is a look at the pests you should be keeping an eye out for when the fall rolls around.


Yep, those creepy, crawly, eight-legged pests are going to continue to thrive in the fall, just like they do in the summer. Many times, some of the bigger spiders that you see outside in the summer will actually make their way indoors when the temperatures drop.

The good news is, there are a lot of spiders that can’t survive long or reproduce indoors. If you see one, try to safely remove it, but if you see more than one spider indoors, it is time to call a professional.

There are, however, some spiders that are known for thriving in the home, and typically lay eggs in wood floors, walls, and furniture in the home. These include the American house spider, Cellar spider, Domestic house spider, and the Cupboard spider.


Cockroaches are a problem all throughout the year, particularly in Texas where the temperatures stay warmer throughout the year. Unfortunately, when the fall starts coming around and the cooler months come, many cockroaches will try to move indoors.

Cockroaches only typically die once temperatures dip below freezing—which hardly ever happens in Texas in the fall. This is why they can become such an issue. Typically, cockroaches will set up shop in the walls, basement or sewer drains of your home. Unfortunately, they carry a number of diseases and need to be treated and eliminated right away to keep your home and family safe.


A Stanford Study on ants found that these pests are more likely to enter your home in the colder, wetter months to find a nice warm and safe reprieve. The same study found that even using pesticide outside the home it doesn’t make that much of an impact. This is why you need a professional who knows what to do to treat invading ants.

According to researchers at Texas A&M, the fall is the perfect time for homeowners to trap ants (especially fire ants) and to call professionals to keep these critters from coming into their homes.

If you have any other pest-related questions, particularly about what pests you can expect in the fall, contact the experts at Proctor Pest Control. We can help not only treat your home and eliminate active pests but help safeguard your home from further pest issues later in the fall. Just contact us today to make certain your home stays pest-free!