Keeping Stored Clothes Safe From Pests

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Keeping Stored Clothes Safe From Pests

As the seasons change, our favorite outfits change places in the closet. With winter approaching, so is colder weather. Shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits are being exchanged for pants and winter coats. These are the clothes that we find cozy, after all.

Unfortunately, some pests find them cozy, too. On more than one occasion, homeowners have opened boxes or bags of stored clothes to find unwanted guests in them. If this has been an issue for you in the past, it’s surely something you’re looking to avoid moving forward.

If you want to keep your stored clothes safe from pests, keep reading. Several preventive measures can be taken to avoid such issues.

Method 1: Keep Things Clean

Often, the thing that leads a pest to clothing is what’s in the clothing itself. Clothes always need to be stored clean. This means making sure that all articles of clothing are washed before being stored. It also entails cleaning the containers that will be holding the clothes. Pests are opportunistic, and they’re going to find those opportunities no matter what. Don’t give them any.

Method 2: Use a Natural Repellent

Mothballs are old news, especially considering how harmful they can be. Thankfully several naturally occurring repellents can be used when storing clothes. Some containers are repellents themselves! Chests made from cedar are known to contain oils that pests can’t stand. It’s been used for that purpose since ancient times. 

It’s important to note that chests don’t have to be made from cedar, though. Thai natural bug repellent can be purchased in a variety of forms, including chunks and blocks. These can be put into any container you choose to use. Another great natural option is lavender. Bugs can’t stand it, and it can be used in conjunction with cedar for super effective results.

Method 3: Use the Right Containers

When it comes to storing clothes, cardboard boxes just won’t do. They’re prone to moisture issues, which will attract all sorts of pests. Rodents can chew right through them, too. Your best bet for clothing storage is durable plastic bins. When purchasing them, there are a few things to look for:

● Make sure the plastic is thick and sturdy, thin plastic can still be chewed through

● Lids should lock securely, and be snug, if not airtight

● Opt for clear bins so that nothing can catch you by surprise

 Following these few buying criteria can result in having seasonal clothes storage containers for years to come.

Follow Through with Winter Pest Services

When pests disappear for the winter, they aren’t off on vacation. They’re seeking the best places to hide during the colder months of the year where they’ll stay warm. To prevent finding them in your home, or worse, your clothes, be sure to schedule winter pest services. At Proctor Pest Control, we know exactly what to look for, and how to keep your home safe. Schedule your winter services today!