How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

No one likes mosquitoes. They are the definition of a pest with them being everywhere in the night, biting you and leaving a ton of really itchy bumps. It sucks when those bumps are in unpleasant places. Some people are allergic to mosquitos, which makes a mosquito bite so much more painful and irritating.

Know What They Are Attracted To

There are a few things that will attract mosquitos to either your lawn or to your body. These tiny pests are attracted to water and high humidity. They thrive in rainy or swampy areas as the moisture is perfect for laying eggs.

Mosquitos are a little like bees in that they like bright colors and good smells. If you like to wear light and floral perfumes, you might have a bigger problem with mosquitos. On the other hand, mosquitos are also attracted to sweat and lactic acid (which you produce after working out or running around.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitos

If you are hesitant to use harsh chemicals in or around your home because you have kids or pets, there are more natural ways to repel mosquitos and get them to leave you alone.

There are a few scents that you can find as essential oils or candles that mosquitos tend to hate. These scents include:

  • Citronella
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Clove
  • Coffee Grounds

Burn a candle with these scents outside the home or inside the home, depending on where your problem is. You can also make an essential oil mixture to spray around you and your home to make sure mosquitoes never want to be nearby.

Another solution is certain soaps that are made out of the above ingredients. That way, you are bathing yourself in what these creatures hate.

If you want a less smelly solution, fans in the home do great. Mosquitos don’t like flying against the wind, so having fans that mimic wind will push them away. You can also have outdoor fans to keep you cool in the summer and serve a similar purpose.

More Extreme Ways to Get rid Of Mosquitos

Bug sprays or chemical repellants are the tried-and-true way of preventing mosquitos. Not only do they have sprays for your body, but there are also sprays for wooden areas such as a porch to keep them away from your house.

There are devices that you can buy that spray out bug spray into the area that will prevent pesky mosquitos.

Bug zappers will also work to attract mosquitoes to a concentrated spot and kill them off.

Time to Get Rid of Those Mosquitos

Mosquitos are one of the parts of summer that everyone collectively hates. There aren’t many places that you can go to that don’t have any mosquitoes, so you have to do what you can to make your house unappealing to them. From essential oils to bug sprays, we have come up with many solutions to dealing with mosquitos. Now it’s time to figure out which method works the best for you.